2012, it is the year the world is supposed to end, according to believers out there. And I am kind of a believer in it. Why? I do not genuinely believe the world will end this year, but I treat it as a constant wake-up call, there is not much time to waste.

We, human beings, are very lazy, we only start to do things at the 11th hour, other times, we tend to squander our time on meaningless tasks, if any.

In order to waste no time in this life, I have forcefully induced some changes to my post-2012 life. There are three resolutions I made at the very beginning of this year. They are:
1. Read 60 books in 2012
2. Reduce my weight to 60+ KG
3. Start a blog

The first two resolutions might seem selfish. Yes, they are, they are all about personal development. However, let us not make judgment too early. My purpose of starting a blog is to share my experiences while undertanking my first two resolutions. Therefore, those who are interested, and I am sure you will be, will reap the intended benefits if you read my blog regularly. And rain or shine, I will ensure to update my blog at least weekly.

What exact benefits you will be harvesting from following my blog? Well, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. I will recommend the following three things:
1. cool websites to visit
2. cool books to read
3. cool places to travel

Trust me, I recommend things I undertake myself, otherwise, it will be meaningless. Therefore the benefits I have got are testimony to my undertakings. If we are doing exactly the same things, and it is very likely that we will end up at the same result.

It is my first post of the year. I would like to recommend three periodicals/magazines.
1.The Economist   http://www.economist.com/
2.Business Today  http://businesstoday.intoday.in/
3.Entrepreneur      http://www.entrepreneur.com/

On a personal level, I have gained immensely by following these three periodicals/magazines. Let me briefly introduce the three. The Economist exposes readers to the latest happenings around the globe, Business Today is an Indian periodical which focuses on the third largest economy of the world, while Entrepreneur is for would-be entrepreneurs.

Sharing makes a better world. Let us starting sharing!